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INVEST Financial Corporation was selected by Texans Credit Union to provide its members a wide range of investment products and services.  The registered representatives of INVEST are conveniently located in Texans Credit Union branches to ensure you receive convenient, personal service. 

These skilled and experienced representatives have been serving Texans Credit Union members for many years, and they are available to you on a no-obligation basis. The representatives will provide assistance with personalized solutions to fit your specific needs.  It is the goal of the representatives to complement the vision and commitment of Texans Credit Union to help you improve your financial well being and quality of life. Through the wide range of financial planning, investment, and retirement plan services offered by INVEST, the representatives will help you plan for the future and achieve your financial goals.

Credit Card Debt

How Long Will It Take to Pay my Balance?

LTCI Cost of Waiting

Estimate the potential cost of waiting to purchase a long-term care insurance policy.

Car Affordability

How much can you afford to pay for a car?

Personal Inflation Rate

Is your personal inflation rate higher or lower than the CPI?

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Adding Real Estate to Your Portfolio

An overview of the potential benefits and risks of REITs, and how real estate investments might help provide portfolio balance.

If Inflation Is Low, Why Are Prices High?

Consumers who go to the grocery store or gas station might wonder what the talk of low inflation is all about.

HOT TOPIC: Tightening the Rules on Corporate Inversions

Understanding inversions and their implications on tax revenues, corporate taxes, and for shareholders of inverted companies.

HOT TOPIC: U.S. Oil Carries More Weight in the Global Market

The U.S. has become the world’s largest energy producer; can lower gas and oil prices accelerate the economy?

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